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Cloud noun – An overspreading element that produces an atmosphere of gloom.
Moisture and cloud are semantically related in fog topic. In some cases you can use "Moisture" instead a noun "Cloud".
Nearby Words: clouded, cloudy, cloudiness, cloudless, clouding
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Moisture noun – The amount of water suspended in the air in tiny droplets.
Cloud and moisture are semantically related in fog topic. Sometimes you can use "Cloud" instead a noun "Moisture".
Nearby Words: moisten, moist, moisturize, moisturizer, moistening
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  • Death World The Gas Giants have no surface, and mostly hydrogen atmospheres, with only cloud decks to supply moisture.
    Source: Death World
  • Ludicrous Gibs There's also the microwave projector "gun" in No Regret, which zapped the victim with enough microwave radiation to not only kill them, but also boil all the moisture in their body at once, making them explode in a steam-filled cloud of cooked flesh...
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