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Collaborator noun – Someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force.
Traitor is a synonym for collaborator. In some cases you can use "Traitor" instead a noun "Collaborator".
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Traitor noun – One who betrays a trust or an allegiance.
Usage example: accused by her family of being a traitor when she sold their traditionally animal-friendly business to a competitor known to use animals for testing its products

Collaborator is a synonym for traitor. You can use "Collaborator" instead a noun "Traitor".
Nearby Words: trait, traitorous, traitress
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How words are described

human human collaborator human traitor
alien alien collaborator alien traitor
true true collaborator true traitor
genuine genuine collaborator genuine traitor
Other adjectives: cowardly, actual, evil, infamous, main, willing, supposed, secret, former, ruthless, high-ranking, roman.

Both words in one sentence

  • Pragmatic Villainy aka: Pragmatic Villain He is concerned he will be seen as a collaborator and a traitor, instead of a proper leader.
  • Literature / Codex Alera If any of them do not give their full support in the war, if any refuse to fight, they will be considered a collaborator and a traitor to Alera.
  • Rachel/Ellis in The Black Book is deemed a traitor and collaborator after World War II despite being a Jewish member of the Dutch Resistance, mostly because in her work as The Mole, she worked for the Nazis and became chummy with a sympathetic Nazi officer.
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