Communicate and Report


Communicate verb - To cause (something) to pass from one to another.

Report is a synonym for communicate in knowledge topic. In some cases you can use "Report" instead a verb "Communicate", when it comes to topics like convey, make known, ideas.


Report verb - To give an oral or written account of in some detail.

Communicate is a synonym for report in knowledge topic. You can use "Communicate" instead a verb "Report", if it concerns topics such as inform of.

Common collocations

people communicate people report people
name communicate name report name
status communicate status report status
situation communicate situation report situation
Other words: location, story, information, findings, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • When it comes time for me to report to my boss I will follow the same procedures real life spies use to communicate with their bosses.
  • Best of all, dead teammates are unable to communicate through text or headphones, so if you wander around by yourself for a while and ask your squad to report in, you may feel very lonely... Super Strength: The Hidden.
  • Film / Invasion of the Neptune Men However, this trope is subverted as follows: The kids are the ones to discover and report the aliens, find the piece of the spaceship that is blown off, and deliver the device that the aliens use to communicate with the humans.
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