Communication and Transmission


Communication noun - A piece of conveyed information.

Transmission is a synonym for communication in giving topic. In some cases you can use "Transmission" instead a noun "Communication", when it comes to topics like interaction, contamination, act of conveying, transference. popular alternative


Transmission noun - Communication by means of transmitted signals.
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Synonyms for Transmission

Communication is a synonym for transmission in transference topic. You can use "Communication" instead a noun "Transmission", if it concerns topics such as conveyance, interaction, contamination, act of conveying. popular alternative

Nearby Words: transmit, transmissible

How words are described

human human communication human transmission
good good communication good transmission
full full communication full transmission
clear clear communication clear transmission
Other adjectives: better, alien, standard, actual, real, psychic, secret, final, garbled, last, visual, subliminal, wireless, digital.

Both words in one sentence

  • Chekhov's Gun: The transmission from the Vasudan logistics ship contains specs for a miniature quantum pulse transceiver, which is the means of communication for the Shivans.
  • Video Game / Schizm: Mysterious Journey Mainey pilots the ship closer, assuming the lack of communication is due to the planet's strong magnetosphere, but after another failed transmission, he tries to call everything off.
  • Dying Declaration of Love During their final communication, Rose confesses that she loves the Doctor, but the transmission ends before the Doctor can finish his reply.
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