Community and Settlement


Community noun - The people living in a particular area.

Settlement is a synonym for community in colony topic. In some cases you can use "Settlement" instead a noun "Community".


Settlement noun - A community of people smaller than a town.

Community is a synonym for settlement in colony topic. Sometimes you can use "Community" instead a noun "Settlement", if it concerns topics such as people.

Nearby Words: settle, settled, settling, settler

How words are described

human human community human settlement
free free community free settlement
small small community small settlement
entire entire community entire settlement
Other adjectives: massive, large, huge, little, tiny, main, isolated, remote, peaceful, white, new, religious, given, dwarf, underground, larger, local, sizable, Indian, western, largest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Join a settlement, found a settlement, trade goods and services with other players, take part in community projects, and so on.
  • Video Game / Mystery Case Files In Dire Grove, you leave the Ravenhearst incidents behind you and travel to a community built on top of an ancient Celtic settlement, where four graduate students have gone missing in an unseasonal blizzard.
  • And the Stors (the above mentioned "good" settlement) is closer to Lawful Neutral, as they are a community of healers that will treat any injured person that comes to them, no matter what, and refuse to take sides in any conflict.
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