Companion and Partner


Companion noun - A person frequently seen in the company of another.
Usage example: the reckless companions of one's youth

Partner is a synonym for companion in associate topic. In some cases you can use "Partner" instead a noun "Companion", when it comes to topics like friend, helper, affiliate. popular alternative

Nearby Words: companionable, companionship, companioned


Partner noun - The person to whom another is married.

Companion is a synonym for partner in friend topic. You can use "Companion" instead a noun "Partner", if it concerns topics such as colleague, associate, affiliate, person who takes part with another. popular alternative

Nearby Words: partnership, partnered, partnering

How words are described

old old companion old partner
good good companion good partner
female female companion female partner
best best companion best partner
Other adjectives: perfect, future, current, original, true, dead, faithful, male, black, potential, main, young, new, former, temporary, last, older, previous, traveling, younger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Just For Fun / Inspector Spacetime Straight Gay: Gwaednerth Smith, Captain James' love interest and eventual husband/partner/companion.
  • Partnership. Just about every named character has or had some sort of partner or companion.
  • Duel Boss Beyond Divinity ends with a duel against The Death Knight, your NPC partner/companion throughout the entire game.
    Source: Duel Boss
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