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Competitor noun – One who strives for the same thing as another.
Usage example: the competitors for this prestigious science award come from the best high schools in the country

Rival is a synonym for competitor in person topic. In some cases you can use "Rival" instead a noun "Competitor", when it comes to topics like conflict, challenger, contender, person willing to enter contest. popular alternative
Nearby Words: competition, compete, competitive, competitiveness, competitively
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Rival noun – One that is equal to another in status, achievement, or value.
Usage example: a design that is a rival to any produced by a professional graphic artist

Competitor is a synonym for rival in person topic. You can use "Competitor" instead a noun "Rival", if it concerns topics such as conflict, opponent, challenger, contender. popular alternative
Nearby Words: rivalry, rivaled, rivaling, rivalled
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How words are described

fellow fellow competitor fellow rival
good good competitor good rival
female female competitor female rival
direct direct competitor direct rival
Other adjectives: legitimate, dead, strong, powerful, real, male, serious, dangerous, fierce, main, worthy, new, major, chief, jealous, possible, former, mysterious, primary, unknown, greatest, said, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Visual Novel / Office Secrets The Mole: Shingo, as a new employee who was headhunted from a competitor, is always the first person suspected any time it seems like the department's plans might have been leaked to a rival company.
  • No Antagonist Occasionally, but not usually, the ad firm on which the show centers or a character has a rival or competitor that could be called a Villainy-Free Villain, mostly similar to the Opposing Sports Team trope, where a change of perspective would put viewers on the other side.
    Source: No Antagonist
  • Video Game / No One Lives Forever One of the rival criminal organizations mentioned is Evil Alliance, whose initials coincidentally happen to be the same as a competitor video-game company... General Ripper - Hawkins in NOLF2.
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