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Complete adjective – Not lacking any part or member that properly belongs to it.
Usage example: a complete deck of cards

Partial is an antonym for complete in topics: whole, utter, incomplete.
Nearby Words: completely, completed, complement, completion, completeness
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Partial adjective – Lacking some necessary part.
Usage example: a partial answer to the problem

Complete is an antonym for partial in topics: incomplete, biased.
Nearby Words: partiality, partially, partly
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Things that words describes

change complete change partial change
control complete control partial control
set complete set partial set
turn complete turn partial turn
Other nouns: form, list, destruction, example, copy, immunity, failure, loss, version, parody, immortality, success, victory, aversion, inversion.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ninja Warrior's stages contain obstacles that are almost entirely named in complete or partial English.
  • Several games based on the Astérix franchise fall into the "bad" camp but there are also several partial or complete exceptions.
  • Continuity Reboot A Continuity Reboot is the partial or complete elimination of continuity from any and all previous works in a series.
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