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Complex adjective – Having many parts or aspects that are usually interrelated.
Usage example: complex issues regarding free speech and school discipline

Simple is an antonym for complex in topics: complicated, involved, difficult to understand.
Nearby Words: complicated, complicate, complexion, complexity, complexly
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Simple adjective – Involving minimal difficulty or effort.
Usage example: I got all of the answers right because it was such a simple test

Complex is an antonym for simple in topics: uncomplicated, clear, childlike, feeble-minded, uncluttered.
Nearby Words: simply, simplicity, simplify, simplified, simplification
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Similar words of simple
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Things that words describes

life complex life simple life
style complex style simple style
process complex process simple process
plot complex plot simple plot
Other nouns: system, series, case, example, plan, method, task, game, story, words, puzzle, version, plans, rules, mechanics, ways, puzzles, spells, designs, tasks, games, problems.

Both words in one sentence

  • As it turns out, there are reasons both simple and complex that it was Twilight Sparkle and no other pony who ended up on the quest for them.
  • Stopping the Deus ex Machina can be simple or complex, and may deal with physical limitations or mental, emotional, or moral ones (even technically laudable ones, such as "refuses to take a life" — though in practice that's not such a good thing all the time).
  • Video Game / Kingdom of Loathing Similarly, Pastamastery is necessary to cook simple ramen dishes, even though lots of more complex cookings don't require any skills.
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