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Complex noun – Something made up of many interdependent or related parts.
Usage example: a complex of goverment programs designed to assist the needy

System is a synonym for complex in network topic. In some cases you can use "System" instead a noun "Complex", when it comes to topics like part, association, structure, composite. popular alternative
Nearby Words: complicated, complicate, complexion, complexity, complexly
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System noun – Something made up of many interdependent or related parts.
Usage example: the democratic system of checks and balances in government

Complex is a synonym for system in part topic. You can use "Complex" instead a noun "System", if it concerns topics such as association, order, network, structure. popular alternative
Nearby Words: systematic, systemic
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How words are described

old old complex old system
good good complex good system
full full complex full system
similar similar complex similar system
Other adjectives: complete, alien, simple, actual, entire, massive, extensive, main, social, new, advanced, military, underground, modern, soviet.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Valley Of Unicorns Like its now-defunct sister game, it revolves around collecting and breeding pets, but it lacks the competition system and complex genetics.
  • Rat Men Their underground complex is part library and part monastery, all built into what looks like an old sewer system.
    Source: Rat Men
  • These would eat up the same amount of processing power whether embedded in the middle of a planet, forming part of your digestive system, or shaped into a complex machine such as a universe-simulating computer.
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