Compress and Press


Compress verb - Squeeze or press together.
Usage example: she compressed her lips

Press is a synonym for compress in squeeze topic. In some cases you can use "Press" instead a verb "Compress", when it comes to topics like activity, action, compact. popular alternative


Press verb - To push steadily against with some force.
Usage example: an old doorbell that requires you to press the button hard

Compress is a synonym for press in crush topic. You can use "Compress" instead a verb "Press", if it concerns topics such as activity, action, press down, push on with force. popular alternative

Nearby Words: pressed, pressing, pressroom

Common collocations

sequence compress sequence press sequence

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Quick and the Dead In the case of Cort's gun, you can plainly see the empty space where a crudely removed loading lever once was (this lever was used to press the round bullet into the chamber and compress the powder and wad inside).
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