Concealed and Obvious


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Concealed adjective – Not accessible to view.
Obvious is an antonym for concealed in hidden topic.
Nearby Words: concealment, concealing, concealer
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Obvious adjective – Very noticeable especially for being incorrect or bad.
Usage example: obvious errors in the book that the editor or proofreader should have caught

Concealed is an antonym for obvious in topics: clear, apparent.
Nearby Words: obviously, obviousness
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Similar words of obvious
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Things that words describes

interest concealed interest obvious interest
bomb concealed bomb obvious bomb
conclusion concealed conclusion obvious conclusion
trap concealed trap obvious trap
Other nouns: powers, traps.

Both words in one sentence

  • For a statement to have a double meaning, it must have one obvious meaning and one deliberate meaning, concealed so that only those "in the know" will understand that second meaning.
  • Oblivious to Love Hidamari Sketch has an expanded version, in that everyone tiptoes around Sae's quite obvious crush on Hiro—even when Sae goes into a barely concealed fit of jealousy when Hiro gets a love letter from a boy.
  • Film / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Incredibly Obvious Bug: Jimmy Olsen has a tracking device in his camera that is not only brightly blinking, but also beeping loudly, though in fairness it was concealed in a roll of film inside his camera.
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