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Concealed adjective – Not accessible to view.
Private is a synonym for concealed. In some cases you can use "Private" instead an adjective "Concealed".
Nearby Words: concealment, concealing, concealer
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Private adjective – Not known or meant to be known by the general populace.
Usage example: that he is planning to retire is private information until he makes a public announcement

Concealed is a synonym for private in secluded topic. You can use "Concealed" instead an adjective "Private", if it concerns topics such as hidden.
Nearby Words: privation, privately, privacy, privative, privateer
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Things that words describes

eye concealed eye private eye
room concealed room private room

Both words in one sentence

  • Chiho tries to stop aboard her private jetliner, by holding her a knife-point, but Miranda fatally shoots her with a concealed gun.
  • Critical Research Failure Christian's personal private investigator tells him that Leila Williams has obtained a concealed-carry permit for a gun.
  • Sword Cane The private rail car in Wild Wild West included a sword concealed in a pool cue.
    Source: Sword Cane
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