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Concept noun – Something imagined or pictured in the mind.
Usage example: a concept for a new kind of automobile that could revolutionize the industry

Idea is a synonym for concept in notion topic. In some cases you can use "Idea" instead a noun "Concept", when it comes to topics like indication, agency, thinking, thoughts. popular alternative
Nearby Words: conceive, conception, conceptual, conceptually
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Idea noun – Something imagined or pictured in the mind.
Usage example: my idea of the perfect vacation spot is an uncrowded, unspoiled beach

Concept is a synonym for idea in notion topic. You can use "Concept" instead a noun "Idea", if it concerns topics such as understanding, indication, agency, thinking. popular alternative
Nearby Words: ideal, ideation
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How words are described

old old concept old idea
good good concept good idea
clear clear concept clear idea
similar similar concept similar idea
Other adjectives: common, abstract, original, initial, simple, popular, entire, real, great, little, main, interesting, new, vague, general, mere, ridiculous, basic, central, different, modern.

Both words in one sentence

  • Hand in the Hole If someone exerts psychic influence on another too carelessly, a single concept or idea will bounce around in their mind until they are driven to act in dangerous extremes in deference to this concept.
  • At the beginning, Johnson's speech about the ring and the aliens changes slightly, but it is always a humorous concept or idea.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification Eons ago, the god-like being known as Adonalsium shattered into sixteen Shards, each of which represents a specific idea or concept: Ruin, Devotion, Honor, Odium, etc.
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