Conclusion and Determination


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Conclusion noun – An opinion arrived at through a process of reasoning.
Usage example: the detective's conclusion that the murderer had to be left-handed

Determination is a synonym for conclusion in opinion topic. In some cases you can use "Determination" instead a noun "Conclusion", when it comes to topics like disposition, judgement, judgment, decide. popular alternative
Nearby Words: conclude, conclusive, concluded, concluding, conclusively
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Determination noun – A position arrived at after consideration.
Usage example: a determination by the judge regarding an appropriate sentence

Conclusion is a synonym for determination in decision topic. You can use "Conclusion" instead a noun "Determination", if it concerns topics such as disposition, judgement, decide. popular alternative
Nearby Words: determine, determined, determinate, determinant, determining
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How words are described

good good conclusion good determination
similar similar conclusion similar determination
solid solid conclusion solid determination
true true conclusion true determination
Other adjectives: definite, real, apparent, official, creepy, terrifying.

Both words in one sentence

  • Taken to its logical conclusion in Undertale: Given enough determination and in-universe Save Scumming, the protagonist can never truly be defeated.
  • Video Game / Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords aka: Knights Of The Old Republic II Token Romance: Due to the unfinished nature of the game (and Avellone's determination not to write a traditional romance plot), none of the four romances are at all developed or given any conclusion.
  • The PC asking her to live for him and her renewed determination to do so for as long as she can moves it from firm Downer Ending territory into a more open yet still tragic conclusion.
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