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Conclusion noun – The last part of a process or action.
Usage example: the conclusion of the speech was a national call to arms

Ending is a synonym for conclusion in end topic. In some cases you can use "Ending" instead a noun "Conclusion", when it comes to topics like continue, start, stop, culmination. popular alternative
Nearby Words: conclude, conclusive, concluded, concluding, conclusively
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Ending noun – The last part of a process or action.
Usage example: the plagiarism scandal was a disgraceful ending to a once-promising academic career

Conclusion is a synonym for ending in end topic. You can use "Conclusion" instead a noun "Ending", if it concerns topics such as finish, continue, start, stop. popular alternative
Nearby Words: end, ended
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How words are described

good good conclusion good ending
full full conclusion full ending
similar similar conclusion similar ending
common common conclusion common ending
Other adjectives: original, true, proper, actual, entire, definite, real, satisfying, sad, dark, tragic, happy, ultimate, dramatic, possible, final, official, worst, strange, different, planned.

Both words in one sentence

  • The comic, however, has since been updated, with a retcon of the Issue 10 ending and the conclusion of the Christmas Special.
  • In Black and White Morality and Black and Gray Morality situations, the ending is almost always a forgone conclusion; good wins in the end, it's just a matter of how.
  • Bonus Episode The Uta Kata bonus episode gave some added conclusion to the end of the series, as well as ending on a Here We Go Again note.
    Source: Bonus Episode
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