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Conclusion noun – The last part of a process or action.
Usage example: the conclusion of the speech was a national call to arms

Start is an antonym for conclusion in topics: judgment, end.
Nearby Words: conclude, conclusive, concluded, concluding, conclusively
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Start noun – The point at which something begins.
Usage example: knew from the start of the game that he would win easily

Conclusion is an antonym for start in topics: beginning, advantage, flinch.
Nearby Words: started, startled, starting, starter, startup
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How words are described

good good conclusion good start
full full conclusion full start
original original conclusion original start
initial initial conclusion initial start
Other adjectives: true, reasonable, proper, actual, real, successful, easy, possible, final, official, next, eventual, literal.

Both words in one sentence

  • She Cleans Up Nicely In Ranma ½, Akane gets Ranma but good twice, at the start and conclusion of the final story arc, when he sees her in a wedding kimono (first instance) and then in a Western-style wedding dress.
  • Foregone Conclusion An interesting variation on the trope, as the chronology of the movie mostly runs backwards and so it's natural to have the conclusion at the start.
  • Manga / Birdy the Mighty This trope manifests especially when the fugitives start being brutally murdered, and the first conclusion they jump to is that Birdy is responsible.
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