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Condition noun – A state of being or fitness.
Usage example: a car that was 10 years old but in still good condition

Situation is a synonym for condition in circumstances topic. In some cases you can use "Situation" instead a noun "Condition", when it comes to topics like model, state, circumstance, environment. popular alternative
Nearby Words: conditional, conditioned, conditioning, conditioner, conditionally
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Situation noun – The placement of someone or something in relation to others in a vertical arrangement.
Usage example: in earlier times people were unable to alter their situation in life, so if you were born a servant, you stayed a servant

Condition is a synonym for situation in circumstances topic. You can use "Condition" instead a noun "Situation", if it concerns topics such as model, state, position, circumstance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: situate, situated, situating
Synonyms for Situation

How words are described

good good condition good situation
exact exact condition exact situation
particular particular condition particular situation
similar similar condition similar situation
Other adjectives: normal, common, specific, certain, present, current, critical, difficult, actual, real, serious, dangerous, bad, terrible, horrible, new, unique, fatal, unusual, life-threatening, worse.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anti-Magic This is eventually revealed to be because she's a descendant of Descending Helix, who built a prison for a god on the condition that his posterity couldn't be dragged into a similar situation.
    Source: Anti-Magic
  • Film / The Three Stooges On One Condition: If one of the Stooges is going to earn an inheritance, there will always be some stipulation that will become the situation for the short.
  • Anarchist Catalonia is portrayed largely favourably, and while the situation in Spain is hardly in a condition that an outside observer might qualify as order, Orwell makes it clear that this is due to it being in a state of civil war rather than due to it being in a state of anarchy.
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