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Confidential adjective – Not known or meant to be known by the general populace.
Usage example: someone leaked confidential government information to the press

Inside is a synonym for confidential in secret topic. In some cases you can use "Inside" instead an adjective "Confidential", when it comes to topics like show. popular alternative
Nearby Words: confidence, confident, confidently, confidentially, confidentiality
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Inside adjective – Not known or meant to be known by the general populace.
Usage example: made a stock trade based on inside information

Confidential is a synonym for inside in secret topic. You can use "Confidential" instead an adjective "Inside", if it concerns topics such as show. popular alternative
Nearby Word: insider
Synonyms for Inside

Things that words describes

agent confidential agent inside agent
line confidential line inside line
level confidential level inside level
information confidential information inside information
Other nouns: slur, info.

Both words in one sentence

  • Enhance Button Justified in an episode of Profiler dealing with a mole leaking information from inside the FBI: the security cameras in the building are specifically not supposed to have an Enhance Button in order to prevent someone from zooming in to read the contents of important confidential documents.
  • A famous chef within cooking circles for years, he grew celebrity level of fame with his 2000 book Kitchen Confidential, which is a dark, auto-biographical look at the cooking industry from the inside.
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