Configuration and Form


Configuration noun - The way in which the elements of something (as a work of art) are arranged.
Usage example: his photographs have an intentionally loose configuration, with no single object intended as the primary center of interest
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Synonyms for Configuration

Form is a synonym for configuration in arrangement topic. In some cases you can use "Form" instead a noun "Configuration", when it comes to topics like shape, construction, surface. popular alternative

Nearby Words: configure, configured, configurable, configuring, configurator


Form noun - The outward appearance of something as distinguished from its substance.
Usage example: the wood-carver carved the block of wood into the form of a duck

Configuration is a synonym for form in shape topic. You can use "Configuration" instead a noun "Form", if it concerns topics such as construction, thing, surface. popular alternative

How words are described

preferred preferred configuration preferred form
female female configuration female form
physical physical configuration physical form
full full configuration full form
Other adjectives: particular, similar, normal, common, specific, short, complete, current, standard, original, proper, actual, new, unique, final, primary, alternate, basic, last, different, giant, humanoid.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Super Robot Wars Dual Mode Unit: Almost all Transforming Mecha will feature at least two modes - a "humanoid" configuration with better power and defense and a form that allows better movement and mobility.
  • Cool Guns / Machine Guns Featured heavily in Band of Brothers, in both the standard A4 tripod configuration as well as in A6 light machine gun form in later episodes.
  • Square Peg, Round Trope Body Horror is "any form of Horror or Squickiness involving body parts, parasitism, disfigurement, mutation, or unsettling bodily configuration, not induced by immediate violence".
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