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Confirm verb – To give evidence or testimony to the truth or factualness of.
Usage example: several eyewitnesses who can confirm the defendant's account of what happened

Verify is a synonym for confirm in corroborate topic. In some cases you can use "Verify" instead a verb "Confirm", when it comes to topics like activity, support, prove, show. popular alternative
Nearby Words: confirmation, confirmatory, confirming, confirmative
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Verify verb – To give evidence or testimony to the truth or factualness of.
Usage example: the dispatcher was able to verify the caller's location

Confirm is a synonym for verify in substantiate topic. You can use "Confirm" instead a verb "Verify", if it concerns topics such as support, prove, show, certify. popular alternative
Nearby Words: verification, verified, verifiable, verifying, verifier
Synonyms for Verify

Common collocations

belief confirm belief verify belief
claim confirm claim verify claim
truth confirm truth verify truth
status confirm status verify status
Other nouns: nature, death, way, identity, story, suspicion, age, target, existence, authenticity, paternity, rumor, gender, names, orders, suspicions, claims, identities.

Both words in one sentence

  • They then make a deal with him - if the major will confirm that a goat ate their payroll and absolve Hawkeye of the blame, then they'll verify that the same goat ate his report.
  • Cover Identity Anomaly The sergeant does not exist but Mike knows that, unlike the Russian mobsters, these gang bangers do not have the contacts to verify his story or even confirm that someone with that name is even enlisted in the Marine Corps.
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