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Confusing adjective – Causing confusion or disorientation.
Obscure is a synonym for confusing. In some cases you can use "Obscure" instead the word "Confusing" as an adjective or a verb.
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Obscure adjective – Having an often intentionally veiled or uncertain meaning.
Usage example: a fantasy writer who likes to put lots of obscure references and images in her tales of wizards and warlocks

Confusing is a synonym for obscure in abstruse topic. You can use "Confusing" instead an adjective "Obscure", if it concerns topics such as not easily understood.
Nearby Words: obscured, obscurity, obscurely, obscuring, obscuration
Synonyms for Obscure

Things that words describes

character confusing character obscure character
people confusing people obscure people
part confusing part obscure part
name confusing name obscure name
Other nouns: stuff, parts, example, game, story, title, history, movie, rules, elements, names, points, events, stories, questions, titles.

Both words in one sentence

  • Word Salad Title: The title does describe the story, but in a rather obscure and confusing way.
  • Doug Rattman is possibly the most confusing character of all when it comes to leitmotif, though he is almost immediately associated with is "Exile/Vilify" by National, an obscure song that can be found in the game, but only playing on a certain radio in a rat den of a specific level.
  • Oddly enough, because of its... unusual choices and elements either made up exclusively for it or only briefed touched upon in obscure, non-translated Japanese stories, this may be one of the few examples of a timeline that makes things that much more confusing.
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