Confusion and Turmoil


Confusion noun - A state of mental uncertainty.
Usage example: the farmer's driving directions to the fairground just left us in total confusion

Turmoil is a synonym for confusion in disorder topic. In some cases you can use "Turmoil" instead a noun "Confusion", when it comes to topics like commotion, mess, tumult, unrest. popular alternative


Turmoil noun - A disturbed or uneasy state.
Usage example: was in turmoil most of the night, trying to convince himself he had made the right decision

Confusion is a synonym for turmoil in commotion topic. You can use "Confusion" instead a noun "Turmoil", if it concerns topics such as mess, chaos, tumult, unrest. popular alternative

How words are described

emotional emotional confusion emotional turmoil
usual usual confusion usual turmoil
brief brief confusion brief turmoil
utter utter confusion utter turmoil
Other adjectives: considerable, sheer, constant, severe, massive, extreme, great, intense, serious, absolute, potential, internal, major, less, further, maximum, occasional, added, resulting, ensuing, aforementioned.
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