Connect and Join


Connect verb - To put or bring together so as to form a new and longer whole.
Usage example: connect all the sets of lights and attach them to the branches of the Christmas tree

Join is a synonym for connect in attach topic. In some cases you can use "Join" instead a verb "Connect", when it comes to topics like activity, link, joining, action. popular alternative


Join verb - To be adjacent to.
Usage example: the condo complex joins the golf course

Connect is a synonym for join in unite topic. You can use "Connect" instead a verb "Join", if it concerns topics such as activity, action, assemble, attach. popular alternative

Nearby Words: joined, joining

Common collocations

time connect time join time
world connect world join world
game connect game join game
friends connect friends join friends

Both words in one sentence

  • Daddy's Girl: Gigi has grown up idolizing her absentee father at a distance, and yearns to both connect with him and join him in his rock and roll world.
  • The fact that every time you switch systems, the Dream World and Join Avenue take mostly a whole day (24 hours for the Dream World, and later reduced to 20) to reset, and all your friend codes get wiped out if you try to connect to the GTS on different systems.
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