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Conquer verb – To bring under one's control by force of arms.
Submit is an antonym for conquer.
Nearby Words: conquest, conquered, conqueror, conquering
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Submit verb – To yield to the control or power of enemy forces.
Usage example: the fort's commander received orders not to submit under any circumstances, as reinforcements were on the way

Conquer is an antonym for submit.
Nearby Words: submission, submitted, submitting
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Common collocations

life conquer life submit life
way conquer way submit way
planet conquer planet submit planet

Both words in one sentence

  • They are back to try to conquer Pandaria, enslave it's inhabitants and kill them if they don't submit?
    Source: Master Race
  • Beware The Nice Ones / Anime As he knew their ancestors had had legitimate reasons to escape the Empire and they had no reason to actually trust him, he sent emissaries for three times to beg them to submit peacefully and with negotiated conditions instead of making him conquer them.
  • Artistic License – History: Julius Caesar did not conquer Britain as such during his two campaigns there, but rather installed a client king named Mandubracius in what is now Essex, and the real Cassivellaunos was made to submit to Mandubracius.
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