Consequence and Value


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Consequence noun – The quality or state of being important.
Usage example: a mistake that was of no great consequence

Value is a synonym for consequence in importance topic. In some cases you can use "Value" instead a noun "Consequence", when it comes to topics like distinction.
Nearby Words: consequential, consequent, consequently
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Value noun – The relative usefulness or importance of something as judged by specific qualities.
Usage example: the value of a good education cannot be overstated

Consequence is a synonym for value in distinction topic. You can use "Consequence" instead a noun "Value", if it concerns topics such as importance, advantage.
Nearby Words: valuing, valuable, valueless, valued, valuation
Synonyms for Value

How words are described

special special consequence special value
particular particular consequence particular value
specific specific consequence specific value
single single consequence single value
Other adjectives: obvious, real, extreme, great, little, potential, main, important, personal, moral, possible, negative.

Both words in one sentence

  • Until AN 80, half-castes in Nui-ta had no rights, no value to society, and could essentially be murdered with little to no consequence.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness The Dark Eldar greatly value physical perfection and beauty and look the part, their telltale deathly pallor, a consequence of living in a realm with no real sun, notwithstanding.
  • This is considered either a symptom of the liberation of the human race from unnecessary complications and hang-ups, a depressing consequence of the modern tendency to view everything physical as without consequence and everything non-physical as without value, or a little bit of both.
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