Conserve and Spend


Conserve verb - To avoid the wasteful or destructive use of.
Usage example: the need to conserve oil and other finite fossil fuels

Spend is an antonym for conserve in save topic.


Spend verb - To make complete use of.
Usage example: the town has already spent its budget for snow removal, and it's only January

Conserve is an antonym for spend.

Nearby Words: spent, spending, spender, spendable

Common collocations

effort conserve effort spend effort
energy conserve energy spend energy
life conserve life spend life
resources conserve resources spend resources
Other words: time, money, mana, lives, amounts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Chairman of the Brawl Spend enough time in Dead Rising and you'll eventually find yourself having to grab a chair so you can bludgeon zombies with it, usually to conserve more useful and powerful weapons.
  • Bottomless Magazines The entirety of the Wild ARMs franchise, where characters possess limited ammunition and usually attack with other methods, such as with the gun's bayonet, to conserve ammunition(1 and 2) or have to at least spend a turn reloading after firing a few shots (3 onwards).
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