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Consider verb – To have as an opinion.
Usage example: consider the price too high

Guess is a synonym for consider in reckon topic. In some cases you can use "Guess" instead a verb "Consider", when it comes to topics like believe, think.
Nearby Words: consideration, considerable, considerably, considering
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Guess verb – To have as an opinion.
Usage example: I never would have guessed that she was capable of such a terrible thing

Consider is a synonym for guess in reckon topic. You can use "Consider" instead a verb "Guess", if it concerns topics such as believe, think, suppose.
Nearby Words: guessed, guessing
Synonyms for Guess

Common collocations

character consider character guess character
part consider part guess part
word consider word guess word
idea consider idea guess idea
Other nouns: name, reason, number, time, question, way, words, age.

Both words in one sentence

  • Why she would consider giving the tyrant a connection to the royal family and how she thought taming him would work is anyone's guess.
    Source: Voodoo Shark
  • Having spent his whole life preaching his principles that a shinobi should never show any emotions in battle, and consider the mission to be above comrades, guess how he died?
  • Comicbook / Secret Wars Why the Beyonder didn't consider X-Men villains Mystique, Emma Frost (this was years before her Heel–Face Turn), or Selene is anyone's guess.
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