Considerable and Slight


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Considerable adjective – Sufficiently large in size, amount, or number to merit attention.
Usage example: the considerable number of auto accidents that resulted from the surprise snowstorm

Slight is an antonym for considerable in topics: abundant, important.
Nearby Words: consider, consideration, considerate, considered, considerably
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Slight adjective – Of a size that is less than average.
Usage example: the slight youth packed a surprisingly solid punch

Considerable is an antonym for slight in small topic.
Nearby Words: slightly, slighted, slighting, slightingly
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Similar words of considerable
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Similar words of slight
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Things that words describes

interest considerable interest slight interest
amount considerable amount slight amount
degree considerable degree slight degree
effect considerable effect slight effect
Other nouns: advantage, influence, difference, increase, loss, departure, damage, pain, improvement, bonus, boost, problems, changes, differences.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Right Hand of Doom The creators may also decide upon whether or not to have the arm's considerable weight imbalance be acknowledged with the character walking with a slight shuffle or lean.
  • The series made some slight continuity changes from the movie, making the aliens' anatomy more human (to allow less elaborate prosthetic makeup, though it was still considerable) and ignoring the mutagenic drug that was important to the film's climax.
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