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Considerate adjective – Given to or made with heedful anticipation of the needs and happiness of others.
Usage example: a kindly woman who is very considerate of other people's feelings

Polite is a synonym for considerate in unpretentious topic. In some cases you can use "Polite" instead an adjective "Considerate", when it comes to topics like careful, respectful of others. popular alternative
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Polite adjective – Showing consideration, courtesy, and good manners.
Usage example: it's only polite to hold the door for the person behind you

Considerate is a synonym for polite in unpretentious topic. You can use "Considerate" instead an adjective "Polite", if it concerns topics such as mannerly, careful, tactful. popular alternative
Nearby Words: politeness, politely
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Things that words describes

person considerate person polite person
girl considerate girl polite girl
attitude considerate attitude polite attitude
manner considerate manner polite manner
Other nouns: man, guy, woman, people, kind, request, host, characters, personality, side.

Both words in one sentence

  • Podcast / RiffTrax Lucius Malfoy is actually very Affably Evil, being both very polite and considerate of others.
  • He's never anything less than polite and considerate, but that's the same treatment he gives to everyone else, and he won't hesitate to emotionally manipulate and outright set his Mooks on him.
  • Light Novel / Campione! Liliana does this as well, but she's more of a Type B because she's normally more polite and considerate than Erica.
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