Conspicuous and Prominent


Conspicuous adjective - Likely to attract attention.
Usage example: the seven-foot-tall basketball player is conspicuous in any crowd

Prominent is a synonym for conspicuous in obvious topic. In some cases you can use "Prominent" instead an adjective "Conspicuous", when it comes to topics like see, unpleasantly conspicuous, main, noteworthy. popular alternative

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Prominent adjective - Likely to attract attention.
Usage example: an attorney who occupies a prominent position in the town's social hierarchy

Conspicuous is a synonym for prominent in see topic. You can use "Conspicuous" instead an adjective "Prominent", if it concerns topics such as unpleasantly conspicuous, obvious, main, noticeable. popular alternative

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Both words in one sentence

  • Non-Mammal Mammaries The other prominent female character in Beast Wars, Airrazor, while not as obvious as Blackarachnia, still had a rather conspicuous chestplate.
  • Series / The Apprentice Conspicuous Gloves: Edna Agbarha in Series 7 wore a pair of extremely prominent elbow-length black leather gloves when presenting her team's smartphone app.
  • Barbarian Hero Hence also the conspicuous absence of Avvar-related subplots in a game set in the region where the Avvars are supposedly a prominent ethnic group.
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