Constant and Variable


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Constant adjective – Not undergoing a change in condition.
Usage example: change is the only constant thing in the world of fashion

Variable is an antonym for constant in unchanging topic.
Nearby Words: consistent, constantly, constancy, Constance, Constanta
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Variable adjective – Capable of being readily changed.
Usage example: a variable expense that we could reduce if we needed to

Constant is an antonym for variable.
Nearby Words: variation, varied, variance, variability, variably
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Things that words describes

attack constant attack variable attack
rate constant rate variable rate
speed constant speed variable speed
damage constant damage variable damage
Other nouns: changes.

Both words in one sentence

  • You Can't Fight Fate The "Constant and Variable" concept in Bioshock Infinite fits this trope, no matter what actions is taken by the characters, the outcome still remains the same.
  • El Goonish Shive initially averted this with Grace, your average teenage everyday shapeshifter, who initially had a constant mass (and presumably variable density), no matter what form (even a squirrel?).
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