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Construct verb – To form by putting together parts or materials.
Usage example: constructed a hydroelectric dam across the river

Raise is a synonym for construct in build topic. In some cases you can use "Raise" instead a verb "Construct", when it comes to topics like elevate, assemble, make. popular alternative
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Raise verb – To form by putting together parts or materials.
Usage example: raised a memorial on the site of the accident in memory of those who had been killed

Construct is a synonym for raise in build topic. You can use "Construct" instead a verb "Raise", if it concerns topics such as make, lift. popular alternative
Nearby Words: raised, raising
Synonyms for Raise

Common collocations

weapon construct weapon raise weapon
shield construct shield raise shield

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Dawn of War Construct Additional Pylons: Averted from Dawn of War II onwards (you only ever have the HQ building you start with), but in earlier games, certain support structures need to be constructed to raise the unit cap during gameplay for most factions.
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