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Consummate verb – To bring (something) to a state where nothing remains to be done.
Usage example: willing to do whatever it takes to consummate a business deal

Finish is a synonym for consummate in complete topic. In some cases you can use "Finish" instead a verb "Consummate", when it comes to topics like perfect, start, accomplish. popular alternative
Nearby Words: consummation, consummately, consummated, consummating
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Finish verb – To bring (something) to a state where nothing remains to be done.
Usage example: we should finish the painting of the house by tomorrow

Consummate is a synonym for finish in perfect topic. You can use "Consummate" instead the word "Finish" as a verb or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as complete, start, accomplish. popular alternative
Nearby Words: finished, finis, finishing, finisher
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  • Sore Loser Dick Dastardly was a consummate sore loser, taking having lost only one Wacky Race well—the debut episode "See Saw To Arkansas," where he stops his car just at the finish line so he can pose for the race's photo finish.
    Source: Sore Loser
  • Series / Grimm They Do: In "Good Night, Sweet Grimm" Nick and Juliette finish reconciling their relationship with Juliette a full partner in the Grimm side of things, while Monroe and Rosalee consummate their own relationship.
  • Recap / Doctor Who S34 E12 "Death in Heaven" Poor Communication Kills: One potential downside to being a Consummate Liar; had the Doctor let Clara finish her explanation of her "bad news", neither of them might be stuck having to work through the trauma of the episode without their confidant.
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