Continuation and Ending


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Continuation noun – Uninterrupted or lasting existence.
Usage example: the continuation of high unemployment has cost the government much support

Ending is an antonym for continuation.
Nearby Words: continue, continuous, continued, continuing, continual
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Ending noun – The stopping of a process or activity.
Usage example: the best part about any dental procedure is its ending

Continuation is an antonym for ending.
Nearby Words: end, ended
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Similar words of continuation
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Similar words of ending
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How words are described

original original continuation original ending
true true continuation true ending
proper proper continuation proper ending
actual actual continuation actual ending
Other adjectives: real, dark, alternative, new, possible, hidden, official, canonical, alternate, last, optimistic, darker.

Both words in one sentence

  • Asuka fans consider it to be the true continuation and ending of End of Evangelion, while others feel conflicted about the plot direction it takes, particularly some very graphic sex scenes (in the unedited version) and plot details towards the ending.
  • This naturally continues in the continuation comics, with several issues ending with events that should by all rights end the series altogether, only for things to renew with the next issue.
  • Many felt that the ending was incomplete, and in the 15th century, an Italian poet named Maffeo Vegio wrote a continuation for it, which was widely printed in later editions.
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