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Continue verb – To remain indefinitely in existence or in the same state.
Usage example: the heavy snow continued throughout the night

Quit is an antonym for continue in topics: remain, keep on, resume, persist.
Nearby Words: continued, continuing, continuation, continuity, continuance
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Quit verb – To stop doing (something) permanently.
Usage example: her doctor told her it was high time she quit smoking

Continue is an antonym for quit in topics: stop, abandon, stop doing something.
Nearby Words: quitting, quitter, quits, quitted
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Similar words of quit
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Common collocations

life continue life quit life
business continue business quit business
work continue work quit work
role continue role quit role
Other nouns: job, race, training, career, series, show, time, way, level, game, battle, quest, fighting, times, ways.

Both words in one sentence

  • In Animal Crossing you can save by talking to the Gyroid in front of your house, and choose to continue or quit.
    Source: Save Point
  • No Fourth Wall Choosing continue or quit will both bring you to the actual fight stage.
  • Have a Nice Death Typing quit to start over would not quit; it would rather be interpreted as typing something to continue.
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