Contrive and Engineer


Contrive verb - To engage in a secret plan to accomplish evil or unlawful ends.
Usage example: the mischievous boys were always contriving and trying to pull the prank that would be the talk of the school

Engineer is a synonym for contrive in bring about topic. In some cases you can use "Engineer" instead a verb "Contrive", when it comes to topics like invent, arrange, devise. popular alternative

Nearby Words: contrivance, contriving, contriver


Engineer verb - To plan out usually with subtle skill or care.
Usage example: the mayor engineered an agreement to have a major league team play in our city

Contrive is a synonym for engineer in bring about topic. You can use "Contrive" instead a verb "Engineer", if it concerns topics such as arrange, devise. popular alternative

Common collocations

plot contrive plot engineer plot
situation contrive situation engineer situation
way contrive way engineer way
deaths contrive deaths engineer deaths
Other words: situations.
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