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Control verb – To keep from exceeding a desirable degree or level (as of expression).
Usage example: you must learn to control your temper

Hold back is a synonym for control in restrain topic. In some cases you can use "Hold back" instead a verb "Control".
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Hold back

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Hold back verb – To refrain from openly showing or uttering.
Usage example: held back her tears until she was alone

Control is a synonym for hold back in repress topic. Sometimes you can use "Control" instead a verb "Hold back".
Synonyms for Hold back

Both terms in one sentence

  • Disney / Frozen Magic Feather: Elsa's gloves don't actually hold back her powers, but her confidence in them to do so helps give her a measure of control over them.
  • Series / Heroes Reborn (2015) She can make plants grow, can control water, seems able to control or at least communicate with bees, and apparently can even hold back the Earth's magnetic poles from switching.
  • He's actually nothing more than the Illusive Man's pet assassin who largely ends up being more trouble than he's worth due to his poor impulse control, inability to hold back his bigotry towards aliens, and obsession with Shepard.
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