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Control verb – To keep from exceeding a desirable degree or level (as of expression).
Instruct and control are semantically related. in have charge of topic. In some cases you can use "Instruct" instead a verb "Control".
Nearby Words: controlled, controlling, controller, controllable
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Instruct verb – To issue orders to (someone) by right of authority.
Usage example: the proctors instructed everyone to put their pencils down and hand in their tests

Control and instruct are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Control" instead a verb "Instruct".
Nearby Words: instruction, instructor, instructive, instructing
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Common collocations

person control person instruct person
people control people instruct people
group control group instruct group
team control team instruct team
Other nouns: army, characters, car, everyone, agents, minions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Her goal is to create a "utopia" by using ADAM and mind control to imbue everyone with the entire sum of the knowledge of Rapture's inhabitants, eliminate their free will and instruct them to act only for "the greater good" (turning everyone into mindless slaves).
  • Film / Osmosis Jones Brain with a Manual Control: Mayor Phlegmming uses the manual override on Frank's speech control to instruct Frank to say that he'll take a cold pill for his initial symptoms, rather than seeing a physician as he'd intended.
  • Franchise / Sly Cooper In the first game, he was the typical Mission Control guy, who did little more than allow Sly to view previous cutscenes and instruct him on the different tutorials, occasionally providing comic relief.
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