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Conversation noun – Talking or a talk between two or more people.
Usage example: Thomas Jefferson was celebrated for his brilliant, wide-ranging conversations with a host of friends and acquaintances

Discussion is a synonym for conversation in talk topic. In some cases you can use "Discussion" instead a noun "Conversation", when it comes to topics like hearing, communication, dialogue, loquacity. popular alternative
Nearby Words: converse, conversant, conversed, conversable, conversational
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Discussion noun – An exchange of views for the purpose of exploring a subject or deciding an issue.
Usage example: the discussion about the club budget went on for hours

Conversation is a synonym for discussion in talk topic. You can use "Conversation" instead a noun "Discussion", if it concerns topics such as hearing, communication, loquacity, talkativeness. popular alternative
Nearby Words: discuss, discussed, discussing, discussable, discussible
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How words are described

full full conversation full discussion
nice nice conversation nice discussion
long long conversation long discussion
similar similar conversation similar discussion
Other adjectives: brief, short, following, polite, intelligent, actual, entire, real, serious, little, civil, interesting, private, early, tense, heated, final, casual, extended, lengthy, earlier, ensuing, philosophical.

Both words in one sentence

  • One time Hunter's scorpion sting led into a conversation about the It Tastes Like Feet trope, and another time they had a discussion about the similarity between Pink Floyd and Fullmetal Alchemist which, naturally, led into a discussion of genocide in the name of reunion concerts.
  • The "Like A Virgin" and tipping-habits discussion in Reservoir Dogs and any conversation at the bar in Death Proof are more examples.
  • It's not cryptic to them, and they didn't intend it as such, being alone during the conversation, but the reader knows very little of what they know and the subject of their discussion, so all the conversation conveys to the readers is that matters are getting grim indeed.
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