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Convey verb – Transmit or serve as the medium for transmission.
Express is a synonym for convey in show topic. In some cases you can use "Express" instead a verb "Convey", when it comes to topics like impart, words, acquaint. popular alternative
Nearby Words: conveyance, conveying, conveyor, conveyer
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Express verb – To make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion).
Usage example: in a true democracy, a person can freely express his or her views

Convey is a synonym for express in show topic. You can use "Convey" instead a verb "Express", if it concerns topics such as state, impart, communicate, articulate. popular alternative
Nearby Words: expression, expressive, expressed, expressly, expressing
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Common collocations

love convey love express love
feeling convey feeling express feeling
affection convey affection express affection
opinion convey opinion express opinion
Other nouns: emotion, mood, sadness, intent, rage, anger, kind, fear, way, grief, pain, disappointment, disgust, horror, feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, views, concepts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Terminator 2: Judgment Day It understands exactly why people cry, and why John is sobbing at its coming demise ("I know now why you cry...") It just can't express or convey the same sorrow with its eyes, even though it wants to ("...but it is something I can never do").
  • Torture First, Ask Questions Later A variation of this tends to happen in Time Squad, for example where the Power Trio must help Confucius, who instead of writing short maxims to express his Aesops, writes books thicker than a dictionary to convey them.
  • Humanity Ensues This is done for the express purpose of the non-human character being able to connect on a more "human" (No Pun Intended) level with their human companion as they feel that they can't properly convey their feelings as a non-human.
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