Coolness and Detachment


Coolness noun - Evenness of emotions or temper.
Usage example: his coolness under pressure makes him everyone's first choice to head a project with an ironclad deadline

Detachment is a synonym for coolness. In some cases you can use "Detachment" instead a noun "Coolness".

Nearby Words: cool, coolly, cooler, cooling


Detachment noun - Lack of favoritism toward one side or another.

Coolness is a synonym for detachment in aloofness topic. Sometimes you can use "Coolness" instead a noun "Detachment", if it concerns topics such as indifference.

Nearby Words: detached, detach, detaching, detachable

Both words in one sentence

  • Elemental Powers As a separate element, it carries connotations of coolness, detachment, harshness, and even death.
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