Correct and Fitting


Correct adjective - Being in agreement with the truth or a fact or a standard.

Fitting is a synonym for correct in proper topic. In some cases you can use "Fitting" instead an adjective "Correct", when it comes to topics like nice, right, prudent. popular alternative


Fitting adjective - Meeting the requirements of a purpose or situation.
Usage example: it is only fitting that you should be the one to take her back to the airport since she flew out to see you

Correct is a synonym for fitting in appropriate topic. You can use "Correct" instead an adjective "Fitting", if it concerns topics such as nice, right, fit, prudent. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fit, fitted, fittingly, fitter

Both words in one sentence

  • Form-Fitting Wardrobe Her blue gown has a belt where the correct waistline should be, but the top is completely form fitting.
  • Series / Designing Women Prepositions Are Not to End Sentences With: If someone calls on you for this, correct the sentence with calling the Grammar Nazi a fitting name.
  • The Empire Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance's Daein and its King Ashnard are the best fitting, the others are all 'correct' but with a few details of note.
    Source: The Empire
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