Correct and Wrong


Correct adjective - Being in agreement with the truth or a fact or a standard.
Usage example: a real brainteaser with only one correct solution to it

Wrong is an antonym for correct in topics: accurate, proper.


Wrong adjective - Having an opinion that does not agree with truth or the facts.
Usage example: I'm sorry, but the latest research proves you wrong

Correct is an antonym for wrong in topics: reverse, immoral, inappropriate, incorrect.

Common collocations

attitude correct attitude wrong attitude
someone correct someone wrong someone
anyone correct anyone wrong anyone
myopia correct myopia wrong myopia
Other words: faults.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Drunk History Verbal Backspace: Narrators will often realise they got something wrong and correct it, while the re-enactment plays out both versions one after the other.
  • Alternate Timeline It is up to the player and an alternate future version of Trunks to Set Right What Once Went Wrong and correct the changes being made in history.
  • Do Wrong, Right Instead, he turns to Lone Star chastising him for doing it wrong and instructs him on the correct technique.
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