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Set and couples are semantically related. in pair of things topic. In some cases you can use "Set" instead a noun "Couples".
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Set noun – A group of people acting together within a larger group.
Couples and set are semantically related. Sometimes you can replace term "Couples" with "Set", this nouns are similar.
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  • Visual Novel / Kindred Spirits on the Roof Who cares when there are lesbian couples to set up together!
  • Series / Strike It Lucky The logo and set of the American version.Popular British Game Show aired by the stations of ITV; three eccentric couples competed to fulfill a contract of answers to a question in order to earn moves across an arch of screens.
  • Pairs of teenagers (frequently couples, but sometimes it's Not a Date) negotiate a course at night that's set up to be as scary as possible; the path usually leads past carefully-designed eerie scenes, out of which an actor in a ghost costume will occasionally leap to increase the shock factor.
    Source: Kimodameshi
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