Courageous and Game


Courageous adjective - Feeling or displaying no fear by temperament.
Usage example: the courageous decision to quit rather than obey an illegal order

Game is a synonym for courageous in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Game" instead an adjective "Courageous", when it comes to topics like fear, brave. informal substitute

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Game adjective - Willing to face danger.

Courageous is a synonym for game in brave topic. You can use "Courageous" instead an adjective "Game", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, fear. popular alternative

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Both words in one sentence

  • Badass Adorable: As this is a Donald Duck game, he's portrayed as being much more courageous and cheerful than usual.
  • Video Game / The Halloween Hack Genre Shift: Turns the game's original upbeat mood of lighthearted, courageous adventure into that of a fearful, psychologically warped tale based on the willingness of game players to fulfill what they are obligated to do, even when it goes against their wishes.
  • In the first game, he's pretty much by definition the most courageous and competent character in the game (aside from Elaine), as he's the only one willing to challenge LeChuck, and earns every step he makes on that path.
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