Courageous and Timid


Courageous adjective - Feeling or displaying no fear by temperament.
Usage example: the courageous decision to quit rather than obey an illegal order

Timid is an antonym for courageous in topics: brave, cowardly.

Nearby Words: courage, courageously


Timid adjective - Easily frightened.
Usage example: a timid rabbit hopped cautiously out of the hedge

Courageous is an antonym for timid in shy topic.

Nearby Words: timidity, timorous, timidly

Both words in one sentence

  • Ness is courageous and trusting (Red, with a red baseball cap to boot), while Lucas is timid and shy (blue).
  • A human-girl-turned-Eevee (Missy/Storm), a somewhat comical but loyal Muk (Armor), a high-and-mighty Ponyta (Ruby), a timid but courageous Seadra (Nemo), a cynical Oddish (Nightshade), and a hyper Electabuzz (Artemis).
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