Cover and Show


Show Definitions
Cover verb – To keep secret or shut off from view.
Usage example: covered the foxhole with grass and leaves

Show is an antonym for cover in topics: conceal, wrap.
Nearby Words: covered, covering, coverage, coverlet
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Show Definitions
Show verb – To present so as to invite notice or attention.
Usage example: fishing for compliments, the neighbors showed their new SUV to everyone on the block

Cover is an antonym for show in topics: actively exhibit something, passively exhibit something.
Nearby Words: showy, showed, showing, showcase, shown
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Similar words of cover
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Similar words of show
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How words are described

live live cover live show
old old cover old show
good good cover good show
full full cover full show
Other adjectives: best, similar, original, light, proper, single, popular, actual, entire, real, main, famous, new, final, last, said.

Common collocations

body cover body show body
amount cover amount show amount
time cover time show time
face cover face show face
Other nouns: world, damage, side, skin, events, faces.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fanservice Cover While the cover does show a scene that can happen (the octopus is a bonus boss), your character will not get their clothes torn off and nearly raped like this cover would have you believe.
  • Minimalistic Cover Art The alternate covers for all the Convergence titles show a close-up of a DC character's face fading into a solid colour (the same colour for each week's titles) which takes up one half of the cover.
  • Music / Azealia Banks Too Many Mouths: The video and the cover of "YUNG RAPUNXEL" show Azealia with mouths instead of eyes. Terrifying.
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