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Create verb – To be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind).
Usage example: it was your negligence that created this mess

Make is a synonym for create in appoint topic. In some cases you can use "Make" instead a verb "Create", when it comes to topics like activity, process, set, produce. popular alternative
Nearby Words: creation, created, creature, creative, creativity
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Make verb – To bring into being by combining, shaping, or transforming materials.
Usage example: will you help me make the dough for the cookies?

Create is a synonym for make in produce topic. You can use "Create" instead a verb "Make", if it concerns topics such as construct, cause, process, origin. popular alternative
Nearby Words: makeup, making, maker
Synonyms for Make

Common collocations

impression create impression make impression
sense create sense make sense
character create character make character
life create life make life
Other nouns: sound, peace, show, way, world, game, story, music, version, weapons, games.

Both words in one sentence

  • Music / Girls Aloud The TV show that set out to create Girls Aloud also featured a girl who claimed she was 16 to make it into the competition.
  • Film / Her Jonze and his crew specifically set out to create a future different in much more subtle ways than normal, in order to make the world believable.
    Source: Film / Her
  • Video Game / Purple Moon Adventure Maker allowed the player to set up scenes and make videos with the established characters as well as create new ones.
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