Creation and Production


Creation noun - Something (as a device) created for the first time through the use of the imagination.

Production is a synonym for creation in invention topic. In some cases you can use "Production" instead a noun "Creation", when it comes to topics like work, musical composition, setting up, development of entity. popular alternative


Production noun - The creation of value or wealth by producing goods and services.
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Synonyms for Production

Creation is a synonym for production in work topic. You can use "Creation" instead a noun "Production", if it concerns topics such as result, manufacture, musical composition. popular alternative

How words are described

best best creation best production
original original creation original production
initial initial creation initial production
many many creation many production
Other adjectives: continuous, actual, entire, successful, artistic, famous, new, final, next, last, latest, recent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fan Myopia With franchises that last several generations, it is inevitable that the reins of power over creation and production will be passed on to new individuals, some of whom may not have been born when the franchise began and are tasked with keeping said franchise up to date and relevant.
    Source: Fan Myopia
  • The most notable was during production of the 1978 movie, as their contract granted them no share of film royalties on their comic creation and they subsequently sued.
  • As the executive producer, he oversees the creation of the scripts and approves them before they enter into production, sometimes rewriting them.
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